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When selling your home, you will want to get the biggest bang for your buck. Don’t assume that buyers will love your dated, comfortable furnishings and accessories the way you do; strangers don’t have the history that you do with this house. The prospective buyer has to be able to picture himself and his family in this space, making it their own. Unless you begin by removing the clutter of your memorabilia, family photos, kids’ drawings, Aunt Tillie’s afghan over the back of the couch, no one will be able to see past your presence and into the future of the house itself.
Picture of real estate home stagingOnce you have cleaned out so that you can build a great look for the buyer, start with the first impression. What will people notice as they enter your house for the first time? Possibly the initial impression will be the light, as it affects everything. The fact that you are part bat and don’t mind living in semi-darkness does not mean that everyone likes a dim surrounding. Soft but good illumination in every room is so important! Light should come from a variety of sources. Don’t flip the wall switch to turn on the 60 watt bulb in your bedroom ceiling fixture. Instead, create an inviting environment with a comfortable chair and a floor lamp for reading. A pretty table lamp by the bed is a nice addition. Add an interesting light on the dresser for more illumination and added warmth. Please contact a professional OnStage Home Staging for more information.
From your newly brightened bedroom, check out each hallway (does it remind you of a rabbit warren?) and room of the house. Lack of lighting is not an acceptable method of hiding grubby walls or faded paint. Brighten it up. A neutral, sunnier shade of wall color will freshen the whole house. Now that you can see, step outside yourself and look things over. Can you make your way through the living room without skirting obstructive pieces of furniture? Why not make a comfy grouping, leaving more space in traffic areas and giving a sense of greater openness than is reflected by walls lined with furniture?
On your way past the bathroom, pay attention. Some inexpensive updates and fix-ups can reap huge rewards. In the bathroom, new handles on bath and sink, whitened grout, a sparkling, freshly scrubbed shower enclosure can all make it look newer. Then add some luxury touches like thick towels rolled ready for use and pretty accessories that accent the basic colors of the room. A few scented candles can eliminate the antiseptic notes your cleaning may have left. Need help? Take some advise from the most trusted Home Staging Seattle.
Heading on into the kitchen, check the ceiling first. Would a new light fixture bring the room into this century? And here again, change out the faucet. If the sink has a much-used porcelain finish, refinish or replace the whole thing. Finally, updating your appliances, if possible, will create magic, as these are some of the items that most influence prospective buyers. Think about installing a modern glass or stone back splash on some of the walls behind the counter. Does worn linoleum wave wildly at you from the floor? Consider replacing it with cork, a modern and reasonably priced alternative.
Finally, don’t forget to go outside and see your house and its surroundings as a stranger would view it. Curb appeal is key. Trim, weed, touch up paint, add a few seasonal flowers. It all adds up to the kind of impression that turns a shopper into a buyer. With some work and a little money, it is not extremely difficult to stage your home to to catch the buyer’s eye and checkbook. Just remember these basics:
  • Get rid of the clutter
  • Clean everything
  • Light it up
  • Re-arrange
  • Update bath and kitchen
  • Work on curb appeal
Now proudly post that “For Sale” sign!

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